School Uniform

Welcome to Amethyst International School (AIS), a world-class school in Chennai that aims to set a benchmark for progressive and holistic education in India.
A student’s appearance makes an impression about themselves and the school to others. When students are properly groomed and attired, they contribute and respect the school environment. The school takes into consideration what is and what is not appropriate dress and appearances, keeping in mind the school’s vision and mission. Students and parents are encouraged to ask questions to teachers and administrators as to whether any particular items may be acceptable.
The decision of the head of the School is final in all respects. The uniform requirements outlined apply to all students. The school and school community are committed to a policy which requires students to wear the correct uniform with pride so that it positively reflects on the students and the school.


PT Uniform


Trousers and Shirt
Pinafore Dress / Skirts and Shirt
Track Pants and T-Shirts
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