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The Opportunity For A Lifetime

FULL SCHOLARSHIPS for students from KG to Grade 9

*Terms & Conditions Apply*

Scholarship applications are now opened for the present academic year.

AMETHYST welcomes students who are gifted and driven both inside and outside the classroom. Students who are passionate, committed and motivated to excel in our rigorous and supportive academic setting achieve a variety of goals while at AIS.

We will award scholarships to students who demonstrate high academic standing, achievements in their school and/or community, as well as financial need.

Entrance Scholarships are renewable every year until schooling, if the student maintains an average of 80% and meets the conditions noted on the right side of this page.

Category 1 : Scholarship for high achievers.

Academic Excellence

Category 2 : Scholarship for extraordinary talents.

  • Skill & Talent – Oratory & Debating
  • Skill & Talent – Music & Dance & Arts
  • Skill & Talent – Creative Writing
  • Skill & Talent – Creative Arts & Crafts
  • Skill & Talent – STEM
  • Skill & Talent – Research & Invention

Category 3 : Scholarship for underprivileged.

Category 4 : Scholarship for Sports Excellence.


Every child is special with his/her unique capabilities. The very objective of Amethyst International School is to identify this uniqueness and nurture them to enhance their capabilities and prepare them for a wonderful future ahead!

AIS educates individuals of all walks of life to make a difference in the world.

We work towards bringing out the hidden talents and skills within students and facilitating them to explore and achieve what they dream of for a bright future.

  • Students who will be entering Grade 2 to Grade 9 in June 2024.
  • Entrance scholars will be selected based on special aptitude test @ AIS, achievements in their school and/or community, as well as financial need.
  • Please go through the various ‘categories and details’ given and under the ‘scholarship’ section and use the APPLY NOW button to register for the same.
  • A Scholarship Committee will review all applicants.
  • We are here to help applicants through the process and we will quickly be in touch!
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