About AIS

Welcome to Amethyst International School (AIS), a world-class school in Chennai that aims to set a benchmark for progressive and holistic education in India.
Amethyst International School (AIS), a world-class school in Chennai that aims to set a benchmark for progressive and holistic education in India. At Amethyst International School (AIS), learning becomes fun through various interactive sessions and activities. Our school follows CBSE curriculum and IGCSE Program that makes use of modern teaching methodologies achieved through smart classrooms and labs with in-built audio-visual systems. The engaging extra-curricular activities are numerous with dedicated excellent faculty to nurture each student.
We believe every child is unique and needs individual attention to help channelize his/her energies, thus focusing individually on each child’s strengths. This brings out the best in them and contributes to the final objective – making him/her a confident and successful individual in the society. AIS accepts your child and takes on his/her academic development along with personality development and orientation right from Kindergarten onwards.
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Our school has a lively environment with supportive teaching and non-teaching staff to attend to every child. Each child is encouraged in his or her course of work ranging from lessons in the classrooms to activities outside. Every child is focused upon with equal regards and corrective measures taken, if required.
Our school offers a standardized CBSE based curriculum while adding in elements of value that inculcate 21st Century skills like critical thinking and problem solving through interactive events, activities, and role-playing games in the classrooms. We have been keeping track of the latest teaching methods adopted by the best internationals schools in India. We also now offer a Cambridge IGCSE program for Grades KG to 2.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide opportunities through education for all children and offer them the experience of an integrated curriculum which builds and develops them as learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, engaged and equipped for success in the modern world. This is being acquired by integrating hands-on, investigative, and exploring activities in classrooms.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide a stimulating learning environment that involves more of Interactive teaching strategies and Project based Learning (PBL) which maximizes individual potential and ensures student’s ability levels at various spectrums.
We believe that every child should be exposed to all learning needs other than academics and thus shaping the child’s personal growth. We believe every child has the right to learn and bring out their inbuilt or hidden talents.

Our Motto

We wish all the children to take with them the happy memories of their early years with us.
With our Motto “Explore, Dream and Discover” – AIS strives to provide integrated Learning environment that fosters an Experiential approach towards learning, identifies the talent of each individual, and nurtures intellectual curiosity along with a thirst for discovery and achievement to inculcate self-confidence in individuals who will lead the future world with fervency.
We the Management, Staff, Teachers, and Parents aim to encourage each child in all aspects of learning by:

Our Brand

Amethyst International School directly conveys the essence of the institution – an environment which encapsulates purity, integrity, and compassion to be instilled within each learner. The school logo is a combination of key elements which reflect the holistic development approach adopted at our international school.

Amethyst Gem

The Amethyst Gem and Rising Sun is emblem of glory, pure minds, brilliance and thoughtfulness.

The Lion

The Lion stands for the Leadership quality that we instill within our students so that they are able to excel in their respective fields.
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