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Science Digital Workshop – Sherly Joseph – Gr 5


Hello there, did you know air is powerful? Yes, it is! Did you know we use air for electricity? The windmill gives us power by rotating. So now you know about air. The water pump uses air to pump the water out of it, let us see what we need to make a water pump.

1.A plastic bottle-empty

2.A scissor-to poke a hole

3.A straw-paper or plastic

4.And water

Follow these steps to make a water pump:-

Step1: poke a hole in your bottle with scissors as big as the straw

Step2: put your straw inside the hole

Step3: pour the water into the bottle

Step4: blow air into the bottle. The water will come out of the straw

The explanation is:

When you blow air into the bottle it pushes the water, and it comes out of the straw.

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