Amethyst International School

Science Digital Workshop – Sharvesh V – Gr 4

EVENT DATE: 06-NOV-2020        TIME: 4:30PM6:00PM



               APPLE BROWNING

I came to know about the digital workshop through my school. I had a very good learning experience by attending the workshop. I already learned in social about water pumping. But while doing it practically, I was really excited seeing the water coming out of the bottle. Eating in banana leaf is healthy, but we never thought of packing snacks in it. This idea helped us to bring healthy snacks packed in a banana leaf and it is good for health. Science is involved everywhere in the world. Everything is science. Apple browning experiment helped us to learn food preservation techniques which made me to experiment and explore more about science. I am interested to participate in more workshops like this in the future. 

Thanks to AMETHYST and Goethe-Institut for conducting the workshop.

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