Amethyst International School

Chairman Message

Welcome to Amethyst International School situated at a IT hub sector of Chennai with onus focus on ‘ Exploring New Knowledge, Dreaming the Best Status and Discovering New Generation of Dynamic Leaders ‘ of Future.

Our School aims is to educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community by offering ‘ global learning perspective ‘ with high potential orientation and integration of ‘ e-learning ‘ platforms as ‘ core competence ‘ of our pedagogic delivery system.

The curriculum emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge, useful skills, understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities for all students attending our School. The Management and staff believe that every student is unique and special and that they all have the ability to learn. We believe it is our responsibility as educators to nurture and develop every student to his/her maximum potential. Students are continually encouraged to appreciate our diverse community and to care for others by becoming global citizens and develop a concern and active respect for the environment.

At Amethyst International School, the educational community strives for excellence by preparing students for learning beyond their school years and assisting them to become lifelong learners, as well as helping them to be self-directed, realistic, and responsible decision makers when solving problems that they will encounter in our multicultural, ever-changing world. Ultimately, each student will gain from his/her life at school according to the effort they apply.

Our school is an amazing playground where each child discovers his/her true calling and unleashes dreams and hopes for the future. An array of events and activities fill up the Amethyst Calender.

Robotics Labs, Theatre and Drama Workshops, Extempore and Debating Clubs, Sports Meets, Guest Speakers, Seminars, Workshops, Excursions…..the list is long and the enthusiasm for everything is endless. I take immense pride in acknowledging the team-work and efforts of all students and teachers.

At Amethyst International School, we celebrate the wonder and awe of childhood as a trace of God. Our aim is to enhance children’s feelings of self-worth and appreciation of their own and other people’s ethnicity, culture and language in a multi-cultural society.

You are encouraged to regularly check our website and read about our exciting academic and co-curricular activities. In addition, we ask that you guide and support our children’s learning by ensuring that they:

  1. Attend School daily and arrive on time, ready for the day’s learning experience.
  2. Complete all homework assignments given by teachers.
  3. Read daily to develop a love for reading and to improve literary skills.
  4. Share school experiences with you.
  5. Know that you expect them to succeed in School.

We all have the potential that is limitless when compared to the extent to which we have our talents. My message is meant to encourage all Amethysts to take the canvas of hope and the brush of a glorious vision and paint your own portrait of excellence 

   – Managing Trustee

Menahadevi SA

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