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At Amethyst each and every child is valued for their own talents, strengths and personality. So join us for a fantastic journey to DREAM – DISCOVER – DEVELOP – DELIVER.

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Sucharitha Venkatesan

Qualification : Bachelor of Science - Computer Science, CIDTT-Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers/Trainers - University of Cambridge , Programme Leader for CIDTDT- University of Cambridge.

She holds rich 20+ years’ experience of working in established schools like Global Indian International School -Singapore, APL Global School - Chennai and Sri Krish International School- Chennai.

Her strong communication, interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills allows her to cultivate a supportive learning environment and reinforce the school’s standards, policies and goals.

Her greatest strengths include, but are not limited to performance standards development, teacher mentoring, curriculum design & improvement, school safety, standardized testing, program management and coordination and workshop & seminar presentation. Furthermore she is adept at fostering strong working relationship with all mentors of the local and school communities.

As a leader, she aspires to establish a school culture and educational program conducive to student learning and socialization. She strives to promote staff professional growth and developments, as well as teamwork and cooperative. She puts in her efforts with those of parents and family members to ensure students remain disciplined and focused, and receive appropriate attention to meet their needs.



Priya M

Qualification : B.Tech (ECE)

She believes that a mother is the first teacher and a teacher is the second mother and has a great passion in teaching and believes that a good teacher not only teaches but also inspires the students to follow and achieve their dreams. To her every student is gifted and a teacher's role is to make students discover that gift and hone their skills to become great citizens of tomorrow. She also imparts moral values as part of education so that today's young buds will become tomorrow's great leaders and at AIS she mentors students of PRE-KG.

Revathi Arun

Qualification : (M.COM,B.ED)

Being a commerce graduate pursued her B.ed course because of her passion for teaching children. A self-motivated hard worker who strongly believes that teaching the future generations is as important as learning from them too. She has more than a year of experience in handling Kindergarten classes and at AIS she is the mentor for LKG B.

Tamilselvi M

Qualification :M.C.A & Diploma in Montessori training

She believes a teacher plays a very essential role in the field of education who teaches students very nicely to be a person of good moral and behaviour. She is a Montessori trained, certified and experienced teacher for about three years in various play schools. She is a student-friendly teacher and possesses great skills in art and craft. At AIS she is the mentor for LKG A.

Archana Tilak

Qualification : B.Sc (Nutrition & Dietetics)

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” and she truly believes in this. Being a nutrition graduate she plays a major role in guiding students on their eating habits and that made her identify her passion for teaching. Having her experience as a Preschool teacher in the United States for a year she enjoys handling the younger buds. She believes school is the best place where children learn how to socialize, behave and learn to handle situations. At AIS she is the mentor for students of UKG A.

Sangeetha Palanivelu

Qualification : B.E (Electrical & Electronics)

“To teach is to touch a life forever.” She strongly believes in this and is known for her level of patience while handling kids. Hard work with sincere efforts and time management are her strengths and has more than a year of handling younger buds in preschools. At AIS she is the mentor for UKG B.


Sandhya Shanmugasundaram

Qualification : M.Sc (Computer Science and Technology) Pursuing B.ED and CIDTL(Cambridge)

She is a very creative and positive person who spends her most of the time in finding various strategies that are student-centric and enjoys implementing them in classroom teaching. Her technology background and experience has helped her to easily connect in developing the 21st-century skills among the students. She carries more than 2 years of teaching experience in a reputed international school and at AIS she mentors grade 1 A and facilitate English for the Primary Grades.

Bharatha Priya R

Qualification : B.Sc(Maths), MCA, CLIS (Library management), pursuing B.Ed

She believes “When students are allowed to make their own choices, they own their learning, increase intrinsic motivation, and put in more effort -- an ideal recipe for better learning outcomes!” Her efforts are tremendous in finding and improving every child’s logical skills. She is a creative person with immense strategies in inculcating library skills among children. She is good at employing unique teaching strategies to effectively engage all students in maths and foster a fun fascinating learning environment. She carries more than 2 years of teaching mathematics to primary and middle school children and at AIS she mentors Grade 1B and handles Maths, Computer Science and Library across the grades.

Deepika G

Qualification : BCA (Pursuing B.Ed)

She believes “A true teacher is one who takes teaching as a passion and not a profession.”She maintains punctuality at all times and is a caring, student-friendly teacher who always spreads positive energy to the students. Her bold and confident behaviour has helped in delivering her best as an Academic Coordinator at AIS. Her hobbies include art & craft and jewellery making. She carries more than 4 years of teaching experience in schools and at AIS she mentors Grade 2A and handles Science and English for Grades 1 & 2.

Sowjanya K.N.L.

Qualification :M.Sc (Mathematics); B.Ed. (Maths & English)

She is a talented, energetic, and enthusiastic Maths Teacher with more than Ten years proven expertise and experience in working with children, using interactive discussions and "hands-on" approaches to help students learn and apply concepts in Mathematics. Innovative and promoting a conceptual understanding of mathematics through multiple learning approaches and hands-on activities. She is skilled to explain complicated mathematical concepts in much simpler ways. She quickly develops an excellent rapport with students, staff members and parents to produce a friendly and supportive school community. At AIS she mentors Grade 3A and handles Maths & Computers across grades.

Priyadarshini K

Qualification :B.E(CSE)

"Teachers are those who teach students not only for a written test but rather for the final exam called life." She believes in this and changed her profession from IT to teaching due to her passion towards it. As a teacher, she takes up the role of a parent, mentor and counsellor to all students in their development and portrays an image of confidence and accomplishment to imbibe positivity in children. She mentors all students on how to use their knowledge and integrate it into their lives to become a valuable member of society. She spreads positive vibes among the children. At AIS she is the ERP administrator and mentor for Grade 4A and handles Social studies and Computer science for grade 5 and 6.

Gayathri Sathish

Qualification :B.E (Electrical & Electronics), M.E (Applied Electronics) certification on handling children with special needs and Pursuing B.ED

She believes "If you study to remember, you will forget. But, if you study to understand, you will remember." She started her career in Education industry as lecturer and Asst.Professor but her passion for handling young buds diverted her to become a school teacher. She has almost 11 years of experience in colleges and schools and at AIS she mentors Grade 5 and handles English and Social across grades.

Reshma R

Qualification :MSc, M Phil , B Ed

"Don't try to fix the students; fix ourselves first. The good teacher makes the poor student good, and the good student superior. When our students fail, we as teachers, too, have failed."She also believes that “Teachers are second mothers to all students and prefers to play the role of a ladder and works on mentoring the children to reach varying heights. She considers teaching to help her learn at all stages of life and prefers to be a good role model for the children. She carries almost 8 years of teaching experience across schools and at AIS she mentors Grade 6A and handles Science, Social and STEM education across grades.

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