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At Amethyst each and every child is valued for their own talents, strengths and personality. So join us for a fantastic journey to DREAM – DISCOVER – DEVELOP – DELIVER.

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Grade 6 & above

AIS believe at this stage, the pace of academic demand is accelerated and students are to be gradually prepared to move ahead. As students need to gain a strong foundation and develop into holistic beings, the smooth transition from childhood to adolescence is facilitated by a comprehensive, value-added education.

From Grade 6 the parents are given the choice to choose the curriculum between Cambridge and CBSE based on the student's interest and capability.

We will be starting the affiliation process with CBSE soon and expect to complete the process before our Grade 5 students reach Grade 6 in the year 2019-2020.

AIS also follow CBSE curriculum that is followed in most of the top Indian Schools. CBSE helps in developing the technical concepts for each child and helps in preparing for IIT and NIT Colleges.

  • Largest education board of the country with more than 10,000 schools affiliated to it across India and abroad.
  • Pan-India curriculum that has a common framework across the country allowing easy mobility for students.
  • Allows great degree of flexibility according to the school and student profile, thus catering to a diverse range of schools. The curriculum followed is as per the National Curriculum Framework 2005 but gives schools the flexibility to adapt it to their unique profile.
  • The CBSE Board is futuristic and has been at the forefront of the recent education reforms and keeping in line with its philosophy of keeping pace with changing times.
  • The curriculum is regularly reviewed and kept updated both in terms of subject content and approach as well as addition of new subjects necessary to be included in today’s dynamic environment. Through its frontline curriculum, the syllabus is reviewed and outdated content is deleted and new content added to make the curriculum dynamic and relevant.
  • The introduction of new dimensions to education through Life skills, Adolescence Education Program, Physical Health, Disaster Management etc. has made the curriculum more comprehensive.
  • Introduction of new vocational streams like Entrepreneurship, Fashion Technology, Biotechnology, Financial Markets Management, Creative Writing and Translation Studies, and more recently, Media Studies provides students various options for pursuing lucrative careers in new areas.
  • The syllabus for Class 11 and 12 is geared to prepare students for All India competitive exams for entry to professional courses. The AIPMT (All India medical entrance) and AIEEE (All India engineering entrance) are conducted by the CBSE Board based on the CBSE curriculum.
  • The Board follows the cafeteria approach and an inter-disciplinary policy with regard to choice of subjects. There is a wide spectrum of subject choices for students.
  • Higher-order thinking is encouraged as reflected in the assessment policy.
  • The system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) followed from Class 1 to 10 by the CBSE Board is now being adopted by other boards.
  • To sum up, the CBSE Board is recommended as it provides all the necessary prerequisites in terms of quality, recognition and acceptance in the country and abroad. It is in the process of launching an international curriculum for students who wish to pursue that option.
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