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We feel proud and privileged to offer this program at AIS, which caters to all learning needs to a child other than academics and thus shaping the child’s personal growth. We believe every child has the right to learn and bring out their in built or hidden talents. This vision and mission has taken us forward to implement this initiative by partnering with recognised centres, who come down every day to our school and facilitate our students.

Speech and Drama

Speaking skills are important in developing self-confidence, communication and presentation skills, teaching the child to discover their unique oral signature. Drama lifts these skills into the realm of the imagination, allowing theatre to act as a conduit for children to experience the world from outside their own, teaching them how to not only express themselves, but also to empathise.

Dance and Music

While dance is a good source of physical exercise and fitness for children, allowing them to develop a greater range of motion and better co-ordination, it also offers them the opportunity for self- expression through a creative outlet that teaches them how to interpret and interact with their environment in different ways. Music extends these skills further, enhancing and strengthening the child’s sense of memory and discipline, while improving their interpersonal skills with layers of perception and emotional depth.


The fields of Engineering: Electronics, Mechanical, Programming and Algorithm, require the blending of both creativity and technical skills, nurtured by the combination of hands-on experiential as well as trial and error learning. STEM provides a controlled environment to not only foster the importance of teamwork and application of theory in children, but also one encourages them to adapt and build resilience to failure.

Martial Arts

Martial arts have a reputation of promoting violence in children, when in reality; they are mostly structured around self-defense, while inculcating listening skills and respect towards their instructors, each other, and themselves. A strong sense of self-discipline and interpersonal skills, along with a drive for goal-setting ensures that martial art is not only a way for children to learn conflict resolution, but also work on constant self-improvement.


An arts and craft is a field that prioritises the emotional development of children. Through creative art, children are able to represent experiences that they cannot verbalize, offering them an opportunity to translate their thoughts through imagination. The technical skills involved in the process of creation not only increases their mind’s processing skills, but allows them to refine their fine motor skills.

Interactive Gesture-Based Learning

This is a 21st Century advanced concept in Education for children to nurture their creativity through Interactive Digital learning. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are used to understand concepts better and to engage students in the elementary education.


Gardening ties students to the social and material history of the land. The demonstration of local, traditional gardening techniques and the traditional uses of particular plants introduces children to the applied concepts of biology and teaches them the importance of heritage and environmental awareness. The maintenance of a school garden offers an opportunity for children to attain responsibility and independence while also learning how to communicate as a team.


Learning how to cook is not only a way for children to begin honing their culinary skills at an early age, but to build knowledge and skills in science, math, reading, and communication from experience. The step-by-step nature of following a recipe helps enhance comprehension and reasoning skills, while also teaching patience, boosting creativity, and building self-confidence.

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