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Assessment Policy

Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning.
The prime objective of assessment in our school is to provide feedback on the learning process. Assessment involves the gathering and analysis of information about student performance and is designed to inform practice give our students their moments of success and celebration. It identifies what students know, understand, can do, and feel at different stages in the learning process.

Key aspects of Assessment:

  • Summative-

    • To sum up what students have achieved

  • Formative-

    • To evaluate whether the students have met the learning objectives or are on track to do so

    • To use the information to direct or re-direct the teaching.

Principles underlying Formative Assessment

  • It should be Systematic and Evidence based
  • Both the students and the teachers must participate in generating and using the information from the evidence.
  • Should be inclusive in nature.

Student Involvement

  • Appraising own work against set criteria. Rubrics should include demonstration of both the Skills and the Knowledge.
  • They decide where they need or want to improve
  • Drawing their own action plan

Teacher Involvement

  • Facilitate effective class discussions/ activities that elicit the evidence of learning.
  • Provide Feedback that takes the learners forward
  • Make students the owner of their own learning (PBL)

Strategies for Formative Assessment:

  • Continuous assessments are a part of the daily classroom routine of teachers as a means to monitor student progress and to provide feedback to students. This monitoring should include homework checks, questioning, teacher observation of student work, discussion, brief oral or written test etc.

  • Scheduled Weekly Assessments is also a part of formative assessment. The assessments can be administered using varied assessment strategies such as IBL, Discussions, Debates, presentations, project work, course work, listening test, practical test, lab assignments etc.

    • Assessment work may be differentiated to suit the needs and abilities of the individual.

    • Students are given an opportunity to review corrected answer scripts and reflect on the teacher�s feedback.

    • Student's performance is analysed by the teacher.

    • Students with particular needs are identified.

    • A programme is devised by the teacher depending on their timetable to provide learning support.

    • Individual learning Plans are drawn to support students

    • Effort Grade: are given for home assignments, class assignments, Coursework and projects conduct and discipline

Summative Assessments

The School currently follows a system that holds two terminal examinations, one in September and the other in February/March.

Educational Visits / Skill Development Policy

We believe, educational visits are an integral part of school life. As part of our aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, educational visits:

  • Have a stated educational purpose
  • Provide children with first hand experiences
  • Enhance learning opportunities
  • Develop personal and social skills
  • Provide a positive contribution to the development of cross-curricular dimensions
  • Enhance the delivery of the curriculum
  • Encourage Excellence and Enjoyment
  • Help children to learn to make a Positive Contribution

Visits include:

  • Walks around the local area
  • Environmental Studies of the local area
  • Local visits to places that portray cultural models
  • Sporting and other curriculum related events
  • Half or full day visits.

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