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Integrated curriculum - KG-Gr 5

The curriculum framework @ AIS provides for the holistic development of the child, not just in the classroom but also through other areas of learning; surrounding social, emotional, physical and cultural needs in addition to academic welfare.

Curriculum aims to ...

Develop Skills :Develop intellectual, social and physical skills.

Respect Each Other :Provide a safe, caring and tolerant school community.

Take Responsibility For Actions :Value and develop self-confidence and responsibility.

Work Together :Develop co-operative and teamwork skills.

Get Involved : Involve parents and the community in a partnership for education.

Enjoy Learning :Recognise the importance of fun and positive enjoyment in learning.

Give Views And Influence Decisions :Involve students in decision-making about their own learning and school life.

Prepare Your Future :Prepare young people to participate fully developing skills to be successful in adulthood.

Integrated curriculum is an educational approach that prepares children for lifelong learning. With this strong belief, AIS is one among those schools who support curriculum integration and look at education as a process for developing abilities required by life in the twenty first century, rather than discrete, departmentalized subject matter.

At AIS, our mission is to provide opportunities through education for all children and experience this integrated curriculum which builds and develop them as learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged and equipped for success in the modern world. This is being acquired by integrating hands-on, investigative and exploring activities in classrooms.

An Autonomous Learner

In general, integrated curriculum or interdisciplinary curriculum includes:

  • A combination of subjects
  • An emphasis on projects
  • Sources that go beyond textbooks
  • Relationships among concepts
  • Thematic units as organizing principles
  • Flexible schedules
  • Flexible student groupings.

The essential components of our integrated curriculum are:

Core skills and processes:

These include basic skills, such as reading and mathematics, as well as social skills and problem solving.

Curriculum strands and themes:

These are the organizing principles around which the curriculum is built. They are broad-e.g., Human Societies-and integrate content from multiple areas.

Major themes:

Each curriculum strand is further divided into major themes, e.g., Environments or Diversity.


Questions are used to further define major themes and focus activities.

Unit development:

From the major theme and the questions, knowledge, and skills related to the concepts, teachers plan activities that will lead to the development of knowledge and skills which will answer the questions. Teachers also collect resources and develop actual lesson plans and assessment strategies.


Through an assessment of student progress the unit is evaluated.

Benefits of Integrated curriculum:

  • It helps students apply skills.
  • It leads students to faster retrieval of information.
  • It encourages depth and breadth in learning.
  • It promotes positive attitudes in students.
  • It provides more quality time for curriculum exploration.
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